Licensing Optimisation

Navigating the complex landscape of a software vendor’s licensing options can be a headache at the best of times, but this can be all the more challenging when you are managing multiple contracts and licenses with multiple vendors. With this in mind, it is so easy to miss opportunities to save money when it’s just easier to auto-renew every year or so.

We can help you realise cost and efficiency savings as a result of reviewing and optimising your licensing agreements with Epicor. Let us take on the burden of navigating their various programmes and schemes, selecting the right ones for you, while you get on with the important stuff.

Our licensing optimisation offering:

Full licensing review

Full review of your current licensing situation, renewal terms and discounts.

Cut costs

We will look at what you are using and what you are not using – stop renewing licenses for software and applications you’re not using!

Consolidate and save

Identify opportunities for further discounts, consolidation and savings.

We will take care of it

Negotiation and administration on your behalf directly with Epicor.

Why Clear Business Outcome?

Epicor experience

Former Epicor employees on our team – we know all the tricks of the trade!

Friends in high places

Strong, long-standing relationship with Epicor recently formalised into an official partnership.

An honest approach

We will advise the course of action that works best for you and your business, and helps you see real outcomes.