Business Process Management (BPMs)

In order to grow and succeed in a fast-paced world, businesses must be agile and open to continual improvement. Identifying areas for improvement, automation and streamlining your business processes is key to making your business more efficient, disciplined and adaptable. To go hand-in-hand with this, you need software which is adaptable and flexible to accommodate the necessary changes.

Epicor ERP’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides the necessary flexibility needed to put effective business process management (BPM) to work. BPMs are predefined and customisable workflows which sit within Epicor and can be activated in order to help you automate and streamline a number of processes.

In conjunction with Epicor Service Connect, BPMs provide real-time, event-driven workflow orchestrations, process automation and application integration without the need for complex programming and modification of source code. BPMs can help you perform a wide range of tasks automatically, including: default fields, eliminating erroneous data, making fields required, auto-emails, syncing to other environments, and updating and changing massive amounts of data.

BPMs breakdown

  • Predefined workflow orchestrations that enable you to automate and streamline processes without complex programming and source code modification
  • Quickly enact change on identified areas for improvement and automation in your business processes
  • Create default fields, eliminate erroneous data, make fields required, automate emails and enable integrations with just a few clicks