DocStar Enterprise Content Management

A side effect of being a business – any type of business – is that you produce a lot of documents. Documentation is a necessary evil for a number of reasons, among those being continuity, consistency and compliance. To ensure that this endless stream of documentation doesn’t add an unnecessary admin burden or compliance risk, it must be easily managed, maintained, secured and shared.

DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a scalable cloud-based tool, fully integrated with Epicor ERP, which allows you to manage content securely, from the moment it’s produced to the moment it’s destroyed. With DocStar you can capture, store and manage text, PDF, email, video, HTML and more, from anywhere and from any device. Powerful intelligent data capture technology helps you automatically extract key data and store it against relevant records in your ERP system.

DocStar also allows you to track revisions in real-time with version control, create workflows to route documents to the right place, apply records retention policies and quickly find and retrieve files without the time-intensive task of searching through endless folders.

DocStar breakdown

  • Fully scalable cloud-based document management tool which enables you to capture, store and manage a wide range of content
  • Fully integrated with Epicor ERP
  • Intelligent data capture pulls key information and automatically stores it against relevant records in ERP
  • Track revisions in real-time, automatically route documents with workflows, apply retention policies and quickly retrieve files
  • Robust security standards to keep potentially sensitive data fully secure