Epicor Social Enterprise

At the heart of a successful business with streamlined processes is seamless collaboration and communication between departments, partners and customers. We all know that waiting for a response to an email, crossed wires and general lack of communication can hold a project up and have a significant negative effect on customer satisfaction.

Epicor Social Enterprise helps you improve communication and responsiveness beyond the capabilities of email and conference calls. A powerful platform, which encourages the sharing and crowd-sourcing of information and problem solving, ESE uses core social concepts like hashtags, mentions, sharing and reposting to allow users to collaborate and work with Epicor ERP more easily.

ESE allows you to share updates with colleagues, business partners and customers across the supply chain from directly within Epicor. Easily track information against an order as it progresses through the system, and fully document any problems and resolutions against the business object. This powerful tool enables better communication and collaboration in order to add more value to the customer experience.

Epicor Social Enterprise breakdown

  • Powerful social tool integrated within ERP to enable better communication and collaboration throughout the supply chain
  • Uses social media concepts like hashtags, mentions, sharing and reposting to allow users to easily follow updates on orders and other processes
  • Encourages the resolution of complex challenges by crowd-sourcing from the organisation
  • Documents problem resolutions against the business object in the database for future reference