The Customer

Ritchey specialises in the supply and manufacture of ear tags and animal identification products. Based in North Yorkshire, it supplies products to the UK, Ireland and key export markets worldwide.


The Challenge

Ritchey has some complex compliance requirements that involve maintaining links with Defra databases to validate and authorise its identification products. After the business was acquired by a company in New Zealand, the new managing director recognised that the firm’s ERP system – implemented seven years previously – was not fully supporting the business.


The Solution

After reviewing the situation, we recognised that the system had been implemented in silos and the information flow through the business was sub-optimal. This was placing great strain on every department but causing particular problems with inventory control, production planning and dispatch.

We were engaged to carry out process design and system alignment, targeting the key pain points of the business. The 30-day assignment led to improved visibility across the business, coupled with adherence to business process.

Inventory was reduced, along with an improvement in On Time In Full deliveries, and production planning was aligned with demand. CRM processes were also introduced to provide visibility and control over marketing spend and revenue.

Ritchey became part of the Allflex Group in 2015 and found itself one of four companies all using different systems. The choice was made to adopt the Ritchey processes and system across the group and CBO was engaged to assist in this process. The project was completed in 5 months, a major effort to consolidate four companies whilst as the same time upgrading the Ritchey system to the latest release, made easier by having a robust model and platform in place.


Process design

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