Improved customer experience

Enhance the customer experience with a data-driven approach to meeting expectations and complete information accuracy across inventory, products and service.

Reduce costs

Improve profitability through better use of customer data and more effective coordination of raw materials and delivery of final products.

Streamline engagement

Keep up with the competition with a more efficient supply chain driven by your powerful customer data.


Contact management

Collect and manage the vital contact information needed to manage relationships.

  • Track interactions in real-time

  • Make unlimited notes on each interaction to give a complete picture of the relationship

  • Configurable account hierarchies

  • Seamlessly sync data with Microsoft Office

Lead and opportunity management

Proactively manage sales strategies across the lifecycle of your leads, opportunities and customers.

  • Target the highest value opportunities and increase revenue

  • Manage your sales resource with customisable sales structures, pipelines and quotas

  • Access and analyse powerful forecast data at different probability levels, categories and territories

  • Complete visibility of customer and prospect data all in one place

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Case management

Get a complete picture of a customer’s service history for personalised, high-quality service.

  • Visibility of every case from initial call to resolution and follow-up

  • Monitor and standardise your case management process with configurable workflows and assignable roles

  • Record all interactions against the customer record for complete visibility

  • Full integration with the Field Service module allowing access to key data such as dispatches, calls, warranty information and contracts

Marketing management

Enable powerful targeted communication to build more meaningful relationships.

  • Generate and manage multi-platform marketing campaigns

  • Track effectiveness and ROI from all campaigns and interactions

  • Create highly targeted campaigns with visibility over highly-qualified leads and cost/benefit analysis on activities

  • Marketing list management – create lists, import contacts, and manage data accuracy and consent

Mobile CRM

Manage the sales cycle and customer relationships from anywhere and from any device.

  • Manage leads, opportunities, customers, contacts and quotes from anywhere

  • View competitor data, cases, projects and order history

  • Configurable workflows streamline processes like email and call logging, notes, tasks and appointments

  • Access to back-office dashboards, forms and workflows for more complex tasks

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