We’ve invested heavily in building the right team. We look at industry knowledge and expertise, but we also look at values. If an individual holds the same values as us as an organisation, we invest in their development to make them into industry-leading ERP professionals. Above all – we want you to be able to work side-by-side with them.

That being said, we are proud to boast of 350 years of industry experience in ERP in our team, many of those years being spent either with Epicor ERP or working client-side on Epicor.

Damien founded Clear Business Outcome in 2010 and has more than 25 years experience in the Epicor ERP world having been the VP of Consultancy for Epicor.

Eva is a linguist by trade. She’s fluent in Swedish, German and French with a grounding in Spanish and Portuguese – making her a key part of our global deployment projects. Eva manages all the transactional finance within the business.

Neil is a founding member of CBO who’s admired and respected by our customers for not only his knowledge of business systems, but for his unique personality and approach. Since 2016, Neil has headed up our consulting team, as well as providing his own industry-leading consultancy skills.

Barry Joined CBO in late 2019 to formalise the sales organisation in CBO. He brings with him a wealth of Epicor experience and has spent 25 years in ERP and Supply Chain Solutions. Barry’s career initially began at Oracle Corporation where he started out as a consultant, moving into other commercial and management roles over his 11 year tenure there. His experience and customer centric approach to business were key requirements that CBO had been looking to secure for some time.

Richard has lived and breathed Epicor ERP since the late 1990s and has led a huge and diverse set of projects. He helps Neil spread the ethos and values of CBO within the consulting team and continues to lead projects, using his extensive experience to deliver excellent outcomes for our customers.

Richard began working in Epicor consultancy in 1998 having spent 2 years in support. He was soon a leading consultant with vast knowledge of business and the Epicor ERP software. Over the years he has worked on many projects and led them to success. He joined CBO in 2018.

Alex first crossed paths with Damien in 2008 when he was hired as an associate consultant for Epicor. He has implemented successful projects in the UK and Europe before relocating to Dubai. In the intervening years he has honed his skill and gained vast experience and then joined CBO in 2017. He is a Principal Finance Consultant and leads on our finance practice.

Andy Poole has a lifelong history in manufacturing, particularly in planning complex projects for companies such as Airbus. We first met Andy in 2016 working with one of our Epicor customers and eventually got hold of him in 2022 when he joined us as a Lead Consultant.

Ross’ Epicor experience dates back to 2007 when he successfully implemented Epicor ERP at a precision engineering and manufacturing company in the high-performance automotive space. Ross started with CBO in 2014 and has worked on several major projects in the UK and Europe since then. Ross has an excellent knowledge of Epicor ERP and a real-world approach that delivers excellence and satisfaction every time.

Joe Saville joined us in 2022 with a wealth of experience that belies his age. Joe has been working with the Epicor product since 2019 and has developed excellent technical skills. He is now working as an integral member of our excellent team of technical consultants.

Ben joined CBO in 2013 from our graduate development programme, and has emerged as an exceptional talent in using the Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE) toolkit. His deep technical capabilities combine fluidly with a flair for imagination and problem solving to deliver real business value to our customers. Ben now heads up the technical consultant team, providing Neil with much needed breathing space.

Luke joined CBO at the beginning of 2015 after a 17 year stint at Epicor where he was the leading light in Service Connect, the Epicor ERP integration tool. Luke has continued in this vein with CBO and now supports many major customers with complex integrations.

As an ex-IT manager at two Epicor customers Mike has a wide experience on the application and toolset within Epicor ERP. Mike has worked for CBO since 2012 and has starred in some of the largest and most complex Epicor ERP implementations in the UK.

Keith Legg is an ex two time Epicor customer and also a consultant with Epicor. Following his semi-retirement, after nearly 30 years working with the Epicor products in manufacturing, in 2020 Keith works for CBO part-time as a Lead Consultant.

Rob has worked for Epicor for many years and specialises on tools, developing all manner of customisations using the Epicor ERP toolkit. Rob joined CBO in 2017 as Epicor were moving more technical work out to their off-shore team in India. Rob wanted more interesting work and to really get involved in projects and chose CBO to work with as the most experienced and successful Epicor implementation team.

Josh Jones joined CBO at the beginning of 2019, having previously been an Epicor customer for several years. Josh started by providing technical assistance to our Support Team and has since developed into a full time consultant. He is particularly adept at using the Epicor Product Configurator and has helped many customers with their requirements in this area.

Pen joined CBO in 2011 after 15 years at Epicor. Pen has always been a technologist and continues to lead the field in installation and tuning of Epicor ERP and its satellite sub-systems.

Sarah joined Epicor in 1996 and spent eight years in Support before joining the Consulting Team lead by Damien. Sarah’s knowledge of financials and how these modules impact finance areas helps customers understand the importance of ERP integration. After working as a Finance Manger on-site for two years, Sarah joined CBO in 2018.

We first met Phil at an Epicor user group meeting and immediately felt respect for one who was involved in a business turnaround at an Epicor customer. Joining CBO in 2017, he has since worked on multiple projects picking up new experience all of the time. A great addition to the most experienced Epicor ERP team in the business.

Pat has a long history in ERP Project Management as well as being a part-qualified accountant. Pat has been involved in the Epicor world since the mid-90s and has worked on a vast range of projects in many different countries. Pat has a specialism in multi-country / company project rollouts and has a deep knowledge of the financial capabilities of Epicor ERP.

Oliver Matthews is an early graduate from our development programme, having joined CBO in 2013. He has since worked on many projects in manufacturing and has gained experience across a wide range of different scenarios, helping him develop into a Lead Consultant.

Lee worked with Epicor customers for 15 years before moving on to SAP B1 partners as a Project & Delivery Manager. Joining CBO in 2017, we were delighted when he chose to get back into the Epicor game. He has since led major projects to successful conclusions and is highly respected by both the CBO team and the customers he has worked with.

Joanna Bowmaker joined us in early 2019 having worked with ERP systems in a global pharmaceutical company. Her knowledge of business and systems, combined with her superb organisational skills made her ideal as a Project Manager. Developing her skills and experience of Epicor Kinetic, she now manages multiple projects to great customer acclaim.

Hazel joined CBO in 2019, bringing over 30 years experience of ERP implementation as a client Project Manager and Project Manager for Epicor Software. She has a strong manufacturing and materials background that is supplemented by her commercial and finance knowledge, providing a strong foundation for ERP Project Management.

Having joined CBO in 2016 Sonia has used her skill and experience in customer support to develop our Support Processes and approach to match the delivery levels of the consultancy team. She manages our support team from our Sunderland Support Office and continues to guide and mentor our Academy intake.

Alex joined the CBO team in May 2018 with an MSc in Sustainability from Northumbria University, where his focus was on improving business performance and profitability through effective systems and processes. Having completed a number of certifications, including Lean Six Sigma, Alex is committed to providing excellent customer support and problem solving to achieve systems integration for successful business development. Alex is now the Team Leader in Support using his knowledge, skills, and empathetic approach to develop the less experienced members as well as provide great service to our customers.

Joe Moorby joined CBO in 2017 as our first academy entrant. His background of working in hospitality, particularly in Texas, coupled with his great personality, armed him with the skills of listening, understanding, and taking ownership of any problem. Following time working in the Support Team and developing his knowledge of Epicor Kinetic, he joined the Consulting Team in 2021 and has since worked on multiple projects, further developing his experience.

Anita is an experienced Support Consultant, having worked with several ERP systems in the past (including being at Epicor for several years). Anita joined us in 2019 to help us continue building our reputation for providing excellent service.

Connor Chapman joined CBO in early 2019 as an academy entrant following his Business Management degree. Initially joining the Support Team, he showed his application and thirst for understanding by developing a vast knowledge of the Epicor Kinetic software in record time. Connor transitioned to the Consulting Team in 2021 and is supporting multiple large implementations.

Rachael joined the team in July 2019 as a Support Consultant from our Academy program. Graduating from the University of Sunderland with a degree in Accounting and Finance, she will be working through her Epicor Certifications at the start of her CBO journey and is excited to bring her finance knowledge to our expanding Support set up.

Mo joined us in early 2022 having worked as a planner and an Epicor customer, where he developed a keen desire to get more involved in ERP software. 2022 sees him rattling through his certifications and becoming a fully-fledged Support Consultant. Mo showed his keenness to join by relocating to Sunderland from Reading within a week of joining!

Adam Thompson joined CBO in 2019 having completed an MA in English Lit and already having broad experience in marketing, events, and PR. Working as our marketing exec he has developed knowledge and understanding of the Epicor system, our markets, and the CBO ethos. He encapsulates our thoughts in our blogs and marketing materials. Adam has also achieved an MA in Psychology whilst working here, so we now have to be very careful how we behave.

James Stubbs has been working on the technology side of Epicor products since the late 1990s and left Epicor to join the welcoming arms of CBO in 2018. James has long been known as the guru of system installation and performance tuning.

Lucie has worked in the Epicor world for most of the 21st century and ran the Epicor professional services operations until she left for maternity leave, which she extended. Lucie contacted CBO at the beginning of 2022 and joined us to support all our administration requirements in Sales, Consulting, and Finance.

David originally hails from Salford in Greater Manchester but is permanently based in the North East these days. He studied Business Administration at Sunderland University and has worked on ERP implementations for 10 years across a number of products, industries and countries. David believes people are the most important part of any successful implementation.

Nick possesses extensive sales and sales management experience across diverse sectors, both B2C and B2B. His expertise spans corporate hospitality, telecoms, telematics, financial services, collaborating with numerous high street brands. Throughout his career, Nick has excelled in leadership roles, guiding sales development, team management, and compliance oversight. Transitioning to ERP in 2016, Nick has showcased excellence in product introduction, account acquisitions, and team enhancement. As BDM for CBO, he spearheads innovative business initiatives and explores pioneering strategies, showcasing his forward-thinking approach.

After doing an apprenticeship with Clear Business Outcome back in 2019 as a Business Analyst, Joseph went on to pursue experience in a range of different fields. In 2024, he re-joined CBO as a full-time employee, working in Business Development.