As a fully-fledged Epicor partner and reseller, we can help you choose the right blend of tools for your business, implement and closely map them to your business processes so that you get the most possible value out of them.

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Epicor can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with complete flexibility to migrate your services as you grow (which we can support with).

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From anywhere

Epicor ERP’s mobile capabilities allow you to access vital information and data anytime, anywhere and from any device. With increasingly dispersed workforces, this could help you drive more productivity and flexibility for working remotely in your organisation.

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IoT enabled

Epicor ERP can connect with your smart factory to enable you to run processes, activate automated workflows and make vital decisions in real-time - helping you to move forward into Industry 4.0.

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Epicor ERP is the chosen system for thousands of organisations worldwide in manufacturing, distribution, food production, engineering and services.


Epicor ERP is a modular ERP system which allows you to create the implementation that’s right for your organisation’s needs. The suite of powerful tools covers production, operations, finance, sales, IT, HR, service and Industry 4.0.