Be flexible

Easily fulfill make-to-order, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order requirements quickly and efficiently.

Stay compliant

Keep up to date and compliant with key industry standards with advanced quality management and product lifecycle management tools.

Better connectivity

Seamlessly manage supply chain, job and work orders, material requirements, lean manufacturing processes and master data from a single platform.


Job management

A set of innovative tools for better planning and costing to help you be more streamlined and more profitable.

  • Complete visibility of all job related actions in a single view via the planning workbench

  • Get more accurate job costings by comparing actuals to estimates online

  • Schedule jobs based on forward, backward, what-if, finite and infinite capacity

  • Quickly review the relationship between production jobs and demand

Advanced and Lean Production

Simplify scheduling, tracking and reporting with batching technology and promote lean production with Kanban functionality.

  • Simplify co-product and nested production and easily link multiple operations from the same part or different part to run either sequentially or concurrently

  • Get full visibility and tracking of source operations and parts

  • Accurately control costs on multiple jobs

  • Manage different types of systems for Kanban control – cell-based, real-time manufacturing, manufacturing flow, real-time stock replenishment and real-time purchase

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Advanced MES

Get real-time visibility of the plant floor or extend your system to provide automatic production and process monitoring for increased efficiency.

  • Easy-to-use online interface with support for multiple languages, flexible data entry options and comprehensive work queue views

  • Maximise the responsiveness of material handlers with material move queues and give operators the ability to request in-process WIP moves of product

  • Enhance monitoring capabilities with Advanced MES and receive real-time automated alerts around machine conditions, cycle, process variations, efficiency and scrap

  • Optimise your scheduling automatically based on actual machine speeds, production counts, equipment status, and more.

Quality management

Powerful quality assurance tools to improve productivity and profitability, reduce waste, and improve the traceability of audit data.

  • Enable collaboration among the right resources and resolve quality events faster with social quality groups

  • Access quality management data from anywhere

  • Build detailed and intelligent inspection plans with enhanced quality assurance

  • Get real-time quality analytics and perform trend analysis to improve performance