Empower your sales team

Remove the barriers to provide timely quotes by establishing pre-programmed rules that allow your sales function to quickly provide pre-approved pricing on even the most complex of projects.

Improved consistency

Reduce pricing and configuration errors and improve forecasting accuracy without increasing the time spent on date entry or approval processes..

Elevate the sales experience

KBMax CPQ supports 2D, 3D, AR and VR visualisation to enable you to provide an immersive and engaging customer experience, leading to more successful, larger deals.

KBMAX CPQ Capabilities

Snap Rules Engine

The revolutionary technology that drives the CPQ module helping you to easily set up and maintain your product configurator.

  • Build rules by dragging and dropping blocks from the toolbox to build logic statements

  • Handle complex product rules with advanced language features

  • Reduce errors with real-time validation

  • Directly access product data for a single source of truth

2D and 3D visualisation

Create an immersive customer experience and bring your products to life to increase win rate.

  • Change colours, dimensions, perspective, options and more in real-time

  • Empower customers to configure and customise themselves in real-time

  • Embed a product configurator on your website that integrates directly with CPQ

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Proposal Automation

Ensure a smooth and fast sales cycle with automated proposals, documents and CAD drawings.

  • Streamline the sales cycle by allowing customers to configure and request a quote, then KBMax will automatically generate proposals, quotes and BOMs

  • Automatically generate accurate visuals, CAD drawings and cut sheets to enable your manufacturing team to start building straight away

  • Empower your network of dealers and distributors to build accurate configurations and quotes with the powerful workflow engine

CPQ Analytics

Make better sales and purchasing decisions with in-depth insight into how your products are being interacted with and configured.

  • Get visibility of how visitors to your website are interacting with your product configurators

  • Collect detailed interactions and transactional data

  • Seamlessly pass data to the platform of your choice