Deploying an ERP system – or any software for that matter – with an inefficient business process is like building a house on a shaky foundation. We are always driven by the process – and we think you should be too.

Our business process improvement service is driven by decades of experience in getting to the route of business inefficiency problems. Our experts ask all of the right questions to all of the right people to formulate a picture of the current situation, and what needs to be changed to make your more streamlined, efficient, and successful.

Are you as streamlined as you could be?
Are process bottlenecks holding you back?
Is your business process mapped properly to your systems?


Business process review

Using our team’s 350+ years of combined experience on both the client and consultancy side and proven business process modelling techniques, we’ll complete a thorough review of your business processes and how your systems fit in. Our team spends time with a varied cross-section of employees to ensure we fully understand your end-to-end processes. We’ll discover the bottlenecks, but we’ll also identify what’s currently working well.

Business process optimisation

Using our analysis of your current processes, we’ll carefully consider and recommend opportunities for optimisation and automation. We’ll also produce all of the necessary documentation to ensure the process is properly recorded, followed and that the impact of changes can be carefully tracked. This ensures that processes can be successfully mapped to any future system changes or software implementations.

Business process mapping

A vital part of the business process improvement journey is mapping to your systems. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that your systems are working for you – not the other way round. Following our thorough business process review and analysis, we’ll implement and map the new processes to your systems. If you’re working with us to deploy Epicor ERP, this will be a vital part of the implementation process. We run thorough testing and scenario modelling to try and break the new process, and make any necessary changes.


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We guide you down the right path, not the easy path. We’re 100% focused on making sure you’re successful, not on making wholesale changes, or selling you services you don’t need, or re-doing current process in Epicor.

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We want you to be the best, so we strive to be the best. Our incredibly knowledgeable team uses proven business process modelling and analysis techniques to assess your current processes and understand your future business requirements.

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Client-side experience

Our consultancy team has decades of client-side experience in a variety of industries reviewing, implementing and managing process changes.