How Epicor Kinetic ERP’s automation solutions help streamline your operations

Interested in how automation solutions can streamline your business?

More and businesses are working out that when multiple operations are carried out discretely and without proper communication, inefficiencies can build up.

The solution for forward-thinking businesses is to invest in ways to bring these operations closer together, help them to communicate and streamline processes with ERP.

One of the key methods of streamlining your operations is through automation. By automating processes that were once carried out manually, you can free up time for staff to work in other areas and minimise routine tasks that drain resources.

But how can Epicor Kinetic ERP automate your processes and streamline your operations? We take a look on your behalf.


Automation solutions streamline manual tasks

When thinking of the benefits of automation, there are a couple of key points.

First of all, carrying out routine tasks manually is inefficient. When software can generate purchase orders, receipts, emails, reminders and much more, it seems wasteful to rely on your staff to do these jobs instead.

By automating the tasks, you free up time for staff to carry out more strategic jobs, instead of chasing paperwork.

In addition, there is also the risk of human error when jobs are carried out manually. A human can easily forget to send a document on time, but if set up correctly, your ERP software will carry out routine tasks seamlessly and with minimal fuss.


Improve Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management

The ability to reduce inefficiencies through basic automation across your business is obviously very appealing. But with a little know-how, it is possible to drill down deeper and get even more from your ERP system.

One of the key benefits can be found in demand forecasting and inventory management.

By relying on manual processes, it is not uncommon to order too much stock, tying up capital on your shelves, or failing to order enough, leaving customers disappointed as deadlines are missed.

With automated ERP processes however, you can put automatic ordering in place based on the reams of data that your system collects. Very quickly you can optimise your inventory management and ensure that your customer behaviour is anticipated.

This way, you’ll never miss an order and never be caught out with a lack of stock. You’ll also achieve the optimal inventory levels to ensure cash is available to spend on other areas of your business.


Automate communication between departments

While there are numerous benefits to automating processes, one of the most difficult to quantify is the improvement to communication.

Through automation, you first of all reduce the need to communicate because so much is handled by automated tasks.

At the same time, in areas where communication is still essential, the fact that reminders and updates are sent automatically means that every department has the information that they need at precisely the time that they need it.

A major inefficiency for many businesses is when departments fail to communicate on time to key stakeholders, causing bottlenecks that add up to major deficiencies over time. Automated processes will help minimise this and ensure all departments are working in unison.

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