We believe that it’s not just about the software – it’s about the people and the process behind how you implement it that will make a deployment project truly successful. We’re passionate about putting your needs and challenges at the centre of what we do.

Our Epicor implementation services follow proven processes combined with technical and functional expertise to deliver a system that will hit the ground running – and continue to do so.

Could your business be optimised by deploying an ERP system?
Could your business challenge be solved by Epicor ERP?
Could you transform your business with Epicor ERP?



As one of only a handful of Epicor Partners in the UK we can get the right blend of Epicor for you. Don’t pay for a module or a number of seats you don’t need. During the discovery phase of your implementation project we’ll carefully design your implementation plan and calculate the number of seats that meet your needs. Then using our extensive experience and well-established partnership with Epicor, we’ll help you get the best deal.


We’ll work closely with your internal team to design, map and configure your Epicor instance to meet your exact needs and challenges. Our experienced project managers will ensure that everything stays on track so you don’t creep over on timescales or budget.


Following extensive testing and business scenario modelling within the test environment, we’ll prepare your system for go-live, then push the button to roll out at a pace and scale that suits you. And we won’t just run off – we’ll stick around to support with end user adoption, training, and ongoing support.


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We guide you down the right path, not the easy path. We’re 100% focused on making sure you’re successful, not on selling you licenses or services you don’t need.

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Epicor experts

Our dream team includes former Epicor employees alongside technical and functional consultants with client-side experience of deploying Epicor ERP. Our status as a fully-fledged Epicor partner allows us to get the best price and provide world-class support.

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We want you to be the best, so we strive to be the best. We develop our consultants to be experts in their fields - using industry-leading consultancy and project management methodologies.


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Step 1
Process analysis

We closely analyse all of your core business processes to get to the root of your challenges.

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Step 2
Gap analysis

Based on our analysis of your organisation and our experience, we recommend the right path to success.

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Step 3
Solution design

We carefully map your processes to supply and configure the optimum software solution to support them.

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Step 4
Proof of concept

We’ll demonstrate how your new processes and software fit together and work closely with you to further streamline.

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Step 5

We’ll run you through a set of scripted business scenarios to test your new processes and software and ensure you’re ready for a full roll-out.

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Step 6

We don’t just press go and leave you to it - we’ll stick around to support you with end-user adoption, training and further optimisations.