An Epicor ERP implementation is not successful unless your people can fully exploit its potential. Over time there is a natural erosion of expertise and loss of knowledge due to employee turnover, but our end user training can be used to keep the business delivering at peak potential all the time.

Whether as part of our Epicor ERP implementation service or to support your existing system, we can offer end-user training that focuses on empowering your people to get the most out of Epicor ERP. We’ll ensure each and every user knows what they can get out of the system and how.

Are your people able to make Epicor deliver its full business potential?
Are you struggling with ERP end-user adoption?
Have you lost key Epicor expertise from your department or business?


End-user and operator training

End-users and operators will usually have the most to gain from mastering Epicor ERP – but may be most likely to neglect it. We can work closely with the full cross-section of departments within your business to ensure that every end-user has a full understanding of the relevant modules and features. We’ll assess where they are now and continue to monitor their progress until you can be assured that Epicor ERP has been successfully adopted.

Admin and technical training

It’s vital that those overseeing data input and usage of Epicor ERP understand its ins-and-outs too. Our technical team can provide you with all of the necessary guidance and training to support Epicor within your business and get the most out of it from a technical perspective.

Documentation and hand-overs

We’ll work with you to produce and manage the relevant documentation needed to support you with any future training requirements or initiatives, giving you a one-stop shop of resources to support your Epicor ERP users.


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Friendly and honest

Our people are great communicators, friendly, honest and approachable. We’ve built a team of consultants who are as comfortable delivering training to your end-users as they are designing and deploying systems for global enterprises.

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Epicor experts

Our dream team includes former Epicor employees alongside technical and functional consultants who can advise, guide and train end-users, admins and technicians through the Epicor ERP eco-system.

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Our number one priority is helping you succeed. We’ll work tirelessly with your people to ensure they understand and embrace Epicor ERP. We only recommend and deliver exactly what you need to succeed.