Our Partners

Epicor is a leading enterprise solutions provider of ERP and other business applications for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, hospitality and retail.

We have a long-standing relationship with Epicor spanning decades, which in 2016 was made official with a formalised partnership. We are an official reseller of Epicor software, and offer industry-leading consultancy, implementation, customisation and support services. Our knowledge of the Epicor suite of products and our direct access to their technical teams enable us to guide our customers down the right path and support them all the way to success. Epicor Website

FastClose is a powerful Accounting Intelligence tool which integrates seamlessly with Epicor to offer accurate, real-time operational reporting for finance teams.

It bridges a critical gap between spreadsheets, Business Intelligence tools and report writers and provides a multi-dimensional view of Epicor data. Recognising the value of this tool and its easy integration with Epicor, we’ve partnered with FastClose to bring the benefits to our customers and help them make their finance teams more agile and strategic. FastClose Website

iERP was founded in April 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia by two co-founders.

Their mission is to provide end-to-end Business Prediction Platform with modules that address multiple business scenarios with ZERO required knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies. In doing so, this helps companies with sales and inventory demand forecasting to predict which products their customers are going to purchase next or which customers are going to be late with the payment. iERP Website

Formed in 1999, Codeless Platforms specialise in business process automation (BPA) software and integrations specifically for SMEs.

Their software enables organisations to build powerful automated business processes while leveraging the power of existing systems, integrating seamlessly with existing information sources, applications, infrastructure and communications without the need for complex programming. Codeless Platforms has a proven track record of developing and delivering agile, flexible and robust next generation software solutions while empowering businesses to get the most from their data. Codeless Platforms Website