An ERP migration involves moving from one ERP system to another – it’s as simple as that.
The main challenge for your business will be protecting your data and ensuring databases are properly maintained and still accessible after the switch has taken place.

Our team are experts in getting the job done on time and on budget but also look deeper at how to streamline business processes and how to avoid common pitfalls that are easy to fall into.

You can count on us to move your existing data into your new Epicor ERP system with minimal fuss, cutting through the noise to deliver the ERP migration you badly need for business growth.

Looking to get more from your business' data?
Are you looking to grow your business?
Are legacy systems holding you back?
Would you benefit from holding your data in a centralised place?
Do you need support transferring data into ERP?


All of your data in one location

Maintaining data across multiple areas of the business is a common barrier to business growth. Relying on outdated systems results in staff wasting time updating information manually and makes visibility of your most important datapoints close to impossible. Choosing our ERP migration offer moves all of your data into one place, improving accessibility and freeing up staff time that would otherwise have been devoted to admin tasks.

A common sense approach

We always emphasise a common sense approach that aims to make the most of your current setup, removing waste while augmenting what works. We’ll put our expertise to use to offer insights into what works, what doesn’t and what represents the best value for money.

The most experienced team in the business

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of experience, and our team has it in bucketloads. Not only do we have 350+ years’ combined Epicor ERP experience, but all of our staff offer considerable insights from working closely with manufacturers. With this in mind, you can rely on a rounded approach that combines software experience with industry know-how.


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Experienced team

The CBO consulting team boasts decades of experience and an impressive combined CV that includes dozens of migrations. If it can happen with an ERP migration, you can bet that our team has not only seen it, but fixed it.

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Industry-leading ERP

With an ERP migration, the objective is to move to an ERP system that opens your business up to the growth it is capable of. With Epicor ERP, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best-in-class manufacturing software available that will not only enhance your current setup, but continue to grow with you.

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Industry knowledge

We place great emphasis on our industry expertise, as well as our knowledge of Epicor ERP in general. Therefore you can be confident that we will guide you project to a successful conclusion based not only on getting the best from your software, but also getting it to work for your specific business needs.