If you have ever deployed any piece of software into a business, you will know as well as we do that if it is not successfully adopted by end users, the project is not successful. Despite best endeavours, if nobody “gets” the software, and how it can benefit them in their day-to-day job, they just will not use it. And when you have spent valuable time and money implementing that software, that is a bitter pill to swallow.

We can help you see your ERP project through to the end through facilitating full end user adoption. We will work with you to design a training programme that fits the needs of you, your business and your end users and helps familiarise everyone with Epicor and the benefits they can get from using it.

Our Epicor training offering:

Flexible packages

Flexible training packages delivered by friendly and experienced consultants.

Functional and technical

Functional and technical training for the full Epicor stack, specially designed for everyone from IT to dispatch and logistics.

Why Clear Business Outcome?


A  team of consultants with 250 combined years of experience and knowledge in ERP and Epicor.

We've done it before

Client-side experience leading our own teams in the adoption of Epicor.

Friendly team

Our team is friendly and has excellent communication skills – we won’t talk down to you or blind with science – we will pitch it just right for every level of the business.