Customer Relationship Management

Now more than ever, rich and up-to-date customer information is invaluable to building and maintaining meaningful customer relationships. From sales to service, every part of your business needs full visibility of everything from the customer’s shipping address to the latest quote they’ve received. There are many customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help you do this, but not all integrate seamlessly and successfully with your ERP system.

While many businesses might currently be operating separate instances of CRM and ERP, the benefits of combining the two into one system are significant. Avoid duplicate data entry, gain a complete view of a customer, and enable better user adoption by training on one interface instead of two.

Epicor CRM, with seamless collaboration with Epicor ERP, provides a complete, 360° insight into each customer, supplier or partner, from lead to ledger. This solution can help you:

  • Better engage with existing customers as well as reaching new ones
  • Improve responsiveness and increase customer retention
  • Integrate with marketing tools to automate activities
  • Support a more agile and well-informed sales team
  • Deliver highly personalised customer experiences
  • Facilitate better collaboration between business functions to ultimately improve customer service
People in sales meeting

Epicor CRM gives you the tools and integrations you need to deliver a world class experience for customers and prospects alike, increasing customer retention and service levels and leading to more meaningful business relationships.