Service Connect

In order to deliver real value across the organisation and in the wider supply chain, ERP must integrate seamlessly with other systems and software. Without relevant integrations, your business will rely on admin heavy tasks to communicate between systems and externally with other partners. Integration can be tricky to achieve, with different programmes needing data in different formats to process and incorporate.

Epicor Service Connect provides a central integration point for workflows between Epicor and non-Epicor applications. It integrates seamlessly using XML, a cost-effective alternative to implementing and maintaining a full EDI infrastructure. Using Service Connect, you will be able to automate and reduce steps within complex business processes, reducing data entry tasks and encouraging lean principles.

To make life even easier, Epicor’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables workflow orchestrations within Service Connect without the need to understand complex integration. Service Connect uses simple visual design interfaces, eliminating the need for complex programming interfaces and additional bespoke development to set up integrations.

Epicor Service Connect breakdown

  • Simple, XML-based integration between Epicor and other business systems, both internally and externally
  • Using Epicor’s service-oriented architecture (SOA), setup integrations without complex programing and additional coding
  • Automate tasks and streamline processes, promoting a lean culture and reducing the need for data entry tasks
  • Extend visibility of key information across the organisation, partners, suppliers and customers