Month-end can be a stressful time in a business. The need for accurate, in-depth reporting and finance admin can take up valuable time and resource. Unfortunately, it has got to be done – and without a seamless month-end process you will not be able to make informed decisions or have an auditable record of your finances.

FastClose is a purpose-built Financial Intelligence (FI) module that plugs into Epicor, providing real-time, multi-dimensional operation reporting that makes both month and year-end close a painless experience. Because FastClose gives you real-time information, allowing you to make real time decisions, your period ends become a formality rather than a journey of discovery.

With FastClose, there is no need for overly-complex spreadsheets or expensive business intelligence tools – you can be up and running within an hour, with a system that is designed to be accessible by end users to provide quick and easy reporting. We are also a proud partner of FastClose, so we can make sure you can get a speedy install and the support you need to make it work for you.

FastClose breakdown

  • Real-time information – your finance team will have instant access to up-to-the second data.
  • Designed for end-users, not developers – cuts down on the need for IT resource to run reporting.
  • Virtual online analytical processing (OLAP) – you get the capability to look at any combination of dimensions, pulled straight from ERP.
  • Cloud-based – enquiries run quickly and there is no need to invest in additional hardware and on-premise storage and server space.
  • WYSIWYP (What You See Is What You Posted) – the tool is run directly from your scure ERP database.