Product Data Management

As customers demand more choice, requiring a wider range of SKUs, ensuring the visibility and consistency of products and production processes can be challenging. In a product-driven organisation, accurate product data is the driver behind quality, efficiency and ultimately, profitability. Traditionally, this sort of information has been managed and maintained in engineering documents, plant floor routings, change orders, sales orders and quality documentation in various sources scattered around the business.

Epicor product data management software brings this vital information and documentation into a single source, providing consistent data to all of the relevant business functions when they need it most. It can handle all aspects of a product’s lifecycle and help control the endless electronic documents organisations produce, supporting and enabling better capability throughout the supply chain.

Epicor’s solution brings you:

  • Single-level bill of material (BOM) management for documenting the materials and components required for end parts
  • Multi-level BOM management combining single-level components and material requirements with internal and external routing steps
  • Detailed routings for better planning, scheduling and costing of products
  • Automatic communication and better visibility for the plant floor of the latest production details and resource requirements
  • Engineering change and control management, multiple revision control, engineering workflow management and detailed cost analysis
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) providing a central knowledge base of process and product history
  • Flexible and accurate analysis of costing on a customer-by-customer, part-by-part and job-by-job basis
  • Ad hoc configuration of highly customisable products via question and answer evaluation
People looking at data on a tablet

Epicor product data management software helps you achieve better efficiency in your production processes by bringing accurate and real-time information and documentation into a single source, visible to every business function that needs it.