What are the 4 benefits of mobile ERP? While ERP is able to cover all areas of business – from distribution to finance – until recently, ERP systems were limited to desktops, as other devices lacked the necessary processing power to handle it effectively.

When you consider the reams of data and complicated functions ERP is often responsible for, this should come as no surprise.

However, in recent years, devices have evolved and now mobile phones and IPads are able often able to handle the challenges of ERP processing.

Now that ERP has gone mobile, it opens up a range of possibilities for manufacturers. What’s more, desktops are quickly being left behind as the dominant work device – the option for mobility is just too tempting and has too much potential to ignore.

Being able to provide ERP functionality while on the move is paramount in a post-pandemic world. And being able to monitor operations in real-time from any corner of the globe is increasingly useful.

But what are the key benefits your business is likely to receive from making the jump to mobile in a world that demands greater agility than ever before?

We take you through four key areas.


Better Service

In offering mobile workers the chance to access data and relevant info from anywhere they like, you enable them to answer difficult questions and provide better service to customers. This can be done either from home or on the go – depending on the situation. It all results in a freer and more agile approach to customer service, making information more easily available to employee and customer than ever before.

In doing so, the relationship between customer and front-facing staff is dramatically improved.


Improved productivity

You can expect a substantial boost in productivity with mobile ERP. Consider the downtime that will be avoided when employees can access ERP apps from home. What would previously have been an emergency can now be handled efficiently and with minimal fuss from home. In times of the pandemic, it also allows certain staff to enjoy a better work-life balance, safe in the knowledge that their productivity is not being effected by not being onsite.



Data analysis

With mobile ERP, you can carry out transactions with the click of a button in real time. Performing tasks on the go reduces the need to postpone actions until you are back in the office, saving time and money and reducing errors caused by forgetting to carry out actions.

Another major strength is the data analysis at your fingertips. Now you can view data from across your business on the move. In doing so, you can make decisions when they need to be made – as opposed to waiting until you’re in front of the desktop in the office.


Beating the competition

At this point, it should be clear that having your ERP software available to staff working from home or on the go provides you with a massive head start over the competition.

Now your staff are able to handle customer queries quickly and seamlessly from anywhere they please. Staff have a better chance of achieving a work-life balance now that they are being freed from their desks and operations are likely to improve with decisions being made in real-time – as opposed to the arbitrary 9-5 time slot.

With better service, productivity and real-time access to data, what’s not to love about the increasing move to mobile ERP?

Are you looking to move your business operations onto mobile platforms to get an edge on the competition and improve your bottom line? Our experts are available to advice on the latest approaches and the best methodologies for you. Simply click here to speak to a consultant.

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