5 ways Epicor Kinetic ERP can transform core manufacturing

Epicor Kinetic ERP can transform your core manufacturing business in a number of ways.

For many manufacturers, value is gained from improvements to key areas of operations, such as inventory, supply chain management, CRM and quality management.

In choosing an ERP system that can streamline and finesse these areas of your business, your organisation can reduce production times, increase reliability – so products arrive as and when predicted – and improve capacity.

In recent years, Epicor Kinetic ERP has added features related to the Internet of Things, linking devices, reducing down-time, and bringing analytics to the forefront of what it means to be a successful manufacturer.

With this in mind, just what are the main areas where Epicor Kinetic ERP can transform core manufacturing?


Smarter and more streamlined supply chains

Many manufacturers will wince when they consider the state of modern day supply chains. After the shock of Brexit and COVID-19, further hits have been taken in the form of strikes, oil and gas shortages and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

With all this said, manufacturers have an abundance of reasons to improve their supply chain systems.

ERP software such as Epicor Kinetic provide your business with the tools and streamline supply chains and logistics with automated read receipts and tracking data – making sure your products are always visible and predictions can be made on when they will be received by yourself or your customers.

Automated alerts and options for further refinement of automated processes based on your individual needs means you won’t waste a minute more than necessary getting goods to market.

You can also make use of data analytics to streamline areas where bottlenecks are forming or change suppliers that consistently underperform.


Better quality management

For many manufacturers, keeping up with quality demand standards is of paramount concern.

In order to be a viable supplier in 2022, a manufacturer must comply with rigorous international quality standards or risk falling foul of auditors and inevitably, losing customers.

Thankfully Epicor Kinetic ERP comes equipped with the capability to track and label parts automatically and reliably. This means parts are always visible and can be tracked and documented as required.

You can then carry out your operations with confidence, knowing you are taking all of the precautions necessary for your business to flourish.


In-built CRM functionality

It’s worth keeping in mind that most revenue for your business can be traced to a relatively small pool of customers.

These customers need to be nurtured and maintained so that you continue to be at the front of their minds but also so you can increase your revenues as time goes on.

Perhaps you get a steady stream of jobs from your suppliers but you know there is more sales potential out there if you could only access it.

This is when Customer Relationship Management becomes integral.

Epicor Kinetic ERP comes with significant CRM functionality that will support your business in tracking and understanding customer interactions, allowing you to predict customer requirements, improve reliability and ultimately nurture leads into growing sales numbers.


Integrating the Internet of Things

The concept behind the Internet of Things can sound like science fiction at first, but it is actually relatively simple.

By connecting machines to the internet, you can unlock the potential of your devices on the production line, ensure they are maintained effectively and reduce downtime.

A concrete example would be embedding sensors in your machine components so that any faults or errors are communicated to the necessary personnel so that the part can be replaced or fixed.

In doing so, you will spend less time scratching your head as to why operations are not working as planned and instead be able to quickly and seamlessly get to the root of the problem.

Epicor Kinetic ERP provides you with exactly this functionality and more, depending on your requirements.

Reducing costs with Epicor Kinetic ERP

Do not underestimate the ability of Epicor Kinetic ERP to make small tweaks that add up to big cost reductions over time.

The more that you commit to digital transformation, the more your business can benefit from automated processes, data insights, a reduction in waste and more streamlined and efficient communications between departments and suppliers.

All of these add up to concrete savings that can transform your bottom line if given time.

By reducing complexity around everyday business tasks, you can free up your workforce to add real value to your organisation. In this sense, everyone wins – including your balance sheet.

Want to unlock the benefits of Epicor Kinetic ERP for core manufacturing? Get in touch with a CBO consultant here.


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