Stone Group

The Customer

Based in Stafford, Stone is a leading provider of ICT solutions to education and the public sector.


The Challenge

Public sector organisations have a growing need to exchange information with suppliers via online portals and integrate with e-procurement systems. Stone felt its existing ERP system was not equipped to meet this demand. CBO was asked to review the position and help Stone determine the best path forward.


The Solution

In partnership with a US supplier of e-commerce systems, we implemented a full e-commerce suite that allows Stone to fulfill all existing customer requirements. We also built a flexible, configurable infrastructure that enables Stone personnel to adapt the e-commerce system to meet ever-changing demands.

We also assisted in reconfiguring the ERP system to enable customers’ staff to access the system in a straightforward way, coupled with security. Stone can now configure the system to effectively outsource its customers’ procurement processes and win more customers by being ‘easy to do business with’.