The Customer

Synventive is a leading manufacturer of hot runner injection moulding systems. Based in the US, the company is active in 26 countries and supplies mainly to the automotive, electronics and medical industries.


The Challenge

Synventive was already carrying out an ERP implementation in the US with a CBO partner and needed a team to deploy in Germany. A process model developed for the US deployment was to be rolled out in Europe, and we were to drive the project using this common model.

Upon reviewing the model and the business it became apparent that the US site was considerably smaller and less complex than Germany, which meant there would be difficulties in implementing the same model in Europe.


The Solution

CBO were contracted to redevelop a superset Business Process Model that could be retrofitted to the US and also used as an ongoing common model for subsequent deployments. We utilised our vast experience of multinational deployments to re-engineer the implementation approach and achieve a successful deployment within very tight timescales.