Maximising agility for manufacturers with Epicor Kinetic ERP

Agility for manufacturers means the ability to respond to challenges or take advantage of opportunities with minimum disruption.

Agile manufacturing requires processes that are integrated and flexible enough to deal with the changing demands of customers.

At no time was this more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic, when some manufacturers were required to produce PPE and ventilators when rapid production was paramount.

More typically, agile manufacturers should be able to respond in a dynamic way to opportunities within the market or changes in demand.


What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

For the uninitiated, ERP is a type of software that businesses use to manage their day-to-day operations in an efficient manner. ERP systems come in different shapes and sizes but all look to centralise databases, simplify processes and make communications between departments seamless.

Epicor Kinetic ERP is an ERP system designed to allow modern manufacturers to flourish in a challenging business environment. With the help of Kinetic, your business can become more agile and begin to take advantage of opportunities and negotiate challenges that would not have been possible with an antiquated system.

Here are just some of the ways that Epicor Kinetic ERP can maximise agility for manufacturers.


More agile production

One of the key components of agility for manufacturers is the ability to swap out production of certain products in response to customer demand.

This requires flexible scheduling techniques that allow a business to handle unexpected orders at the drop of a hat.

Some of the key features within Epicor Kinetic ERP include work order management, material requirements planning (MRP) software and master data management (MDM) to answer all your production management needs.


Quickly respond to market conditions

One underrated but essential method of remaining agile is through gathering good intelligence that guides decision making.

Epicor Kinetic ERP provides real-time data insights that gather vital information from around the business. The reports produced from these data points are essential in understanding and responding to industry challenges and customer demand.

By boosting intelligence, you can also reduce forecasting errors, maximising working capital and reducing materials sitting on shelves that stagnate in value and remove the ability to respond to challenges elsewhere.

Analytics allow you to proceed with business decisions with more confidence and respond quicker than the competition to changing market conditions.


Maximise agility with automation

An agile business looks to automate unnecessary manual process. This is because an automated system responds to demand immediately and reliably whereas manual processes rely on a human being to be present and to accurately carry out the task as required.

Manual tracking is liable to duplication of work and human error. By taking advantage of Epicor Kinetic ERP automation tools, your business can direct the full potential of your staff towards innovation, design and sales, rather than repetitive manual tasks.

Agility for manufacturers is all about reducing waste, and freeing up staff time while reducing errors is a key component of that.


Agility for manufacturers and customer satisfaction

Streamlining processes, reducing waste and making better decisions all lead to an agile business that is responsive to customer demand and capable of delivering to the highest of standards.

By taking the human factor out of basic manual tasks you will speed up the production process and ultimately provide your customers with ever faster lead times on their orders.

Fewer mistakes and faster processes all lead to happier customers, more return business and a healthier bottom line.

Would you like to make your business more agile? CBO consultants and advice you on the best path to go down for software implementations, upgrades and more. Importantly, we have decades of manufacturing and software experience to put to use to ensure your projects are delivered on-time and on-budget – with a high-functioning ERP system at the end of it. To speak to a CBO consultant, click here and start the conversation today.


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