Our Approach

Plenty of ERP consultants have software experience, but what sets us apart is our equal focus on people and process to get the job done.

We believe that true success is measured by delivering real business value to your organisation. To do this, it’s important that we guide you through the process and empower your staff with an open and honest approach.

This often means we’ll focus on getting the balance right between what you want in the moment and what you’ll need in the future to ensure robust, long term success.

Once this is clearly defined, our ERP consultants work down a path towards delivering your goals that minimises risk and delivers value as early as possible.

Our ERP consultants combine business process optimisation experience with technical and functional skills to deliver a reliable end-to-end solution.

What’s more, our substantial knowledge from designing ERP solutions in manufacturing, engineering and distribution industries is invaluable in understanding your business needs. With this in mind, we’ll quickly get to the heart of the problem and put in place practical solutions.

Below is our methodology. This is designed to ensure a faster implementation at a lower cost of ownership. Most of all however, our service is agile and adaptable. This helps reduce costs and often boosts long term results. After all, no project unfolds without unforeseen challenges or opportunities.

A 6 step process


Business process review

We carefully and closely analyse your current business processes to get to the root cause of your challenges.

Gap analysis

Based on our thorough analysis and experience in your industry, we recommend process revisions that will help you achieve improved efficiency and see real business benefits.

Solution design

Carefully mapping to your redesigned processes, we supply and configure the software to best support them.  

Proof of concept

We will walk you through the software how it fits into your processes, and work with you to identify areas for further automation and streamlining.

Get system ready

We will run you through a full, scripted set of business scenarios with real data to ensure the system is primed and ready to run in your business.

Go live support

We won’t just press go and leave you to deal with your new implementation. We can help you with end user adoption, continued support and data migration to ensure your project is a success.