3 key advantages of Epicor Kinetic ERP’s supply chain management system

The importance of a good supply chain management system cannot be underestimated after the advent of Brexit and COVID-19 in recent years’.

For us, the best solution is to invest in ERP. This will allow your business to communicate better between departments and share information more easily– ultimately leading to more streamlined process and better profitability down the line.

But how do these benefits affect supply chain management systems specifically?

We take you through 3 key advantages of Epicor Kinetic ERP’s your supply chain management system.


Supply chain management systems and purchasing

When a business undergoes significant growth, the ability to track supplier performance and keep a tight grip on collaboration can spin out of control. This is not helped with the growing complexity of regulation and business standards that accompanying the improved performance.

With Epicor Kinetic ERP Purchase Management, you can benefit from improved tracking and control that is automated and updated in real-time.

This leads to greater accuracy, better compliance and improved security of your relationships with suppliers across the board.

Purchase Management with Epicor Kinetic allows you to streamline your purchase order writing with automated tools while tracking performance using the reams of data generated by your routine operations – providing insights that can improve your purchasing abilities.

At the same time, you will find reduced inventory levels, freeing up cash-flow and reducing waste as materials sit unused on the shelves, taking up valuable floor space and depreciating in value.


Improved demand management

With Epicor Kinetic ERP you can begin to benefit from improved Demand Management. Epicor software allows you to manage short and long-term customer behaviour to predict demand ahead of time. Rather than being reactive, you can put data to use to identify patterns and order in advance. All of this leads to better fulfilment decisions, less waste and more proactive business choices that improve your bottom line.

By improving demand management, you can reduce the risk of high inventory levels and plan more efficiently.

All of this is available within an easy-to-use format that can be optimized for your business needs, as opposed to a one-size-fits all approach.


Supply chain management systems and inventory

Another benefit to your supply chain management systems is the ability of Epicor Kinetic to reduce inventory build-ups that cost money and can lead to errors later down the line.

Instead, a modern system like Epicor can help you digitize, automate and reduce the complexity of your inventory processes to help boost profits across the business.

At the same time, you are more likely to conform to industry guidelines and meet customer demand head-on with better tracking and reductions in human error costs by unaccounted for stock.

You can also reduce your yearly auditing costs with automated controls and regular inventory counting.


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