Advanced and Mobile Customisation

It’s estimated that a piece of software out-of-the-box will fulfil 80% of a business’ needs. But what happens to that other 20%? While manual and human processes could make up some of the gaps, in a fast-paced world, technology needs to pick up more of the slack. Having agile and highly customisable business software is key to meeting upwards of 90% of your business needs with your ERP system.

Its built-in customisation tools make Epicor a truly flexible and agile tool to help you meet the unique needs of your organisation. Using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to separate the technology framework from the business application makes customisations easy to design and achieve without the need for major changes to the source code and complex programming. Use customisation to add controls like text boxes and lists to both the desktop tool and the mobile application, to build out user-focused software that meets individual role and department needs.

With Epicor ERP customisation, you also have complete control over the look and feel of the interface in order to fit into your software ecosystem and make it as familiar to end-users as possible.

Advanced and mobile customisation breakdown

  • Use Epicor ERP’s built-in customisation tools to customise nearly every part of the system to meet your individual business needs
  • Save time and money by directly matching functionality to a user’s or team’s optimum workflow
  • Add controls like text boxes and lists linked to custom data sources
  • Gain complete control over the look and feel of the interface through the styling functionality