Sales Management

The primary objective for businesses is to grow, and to grow profitably. Whether you achieve this through bringing on new customers or retaining, cross-selling and upselling existing ones, at the forefront of a growing business is a strong sales team. A strong sales team needs to be supported by software which is easy-to-use and improves efficiency and effectiveness without the need for endless admin and data management.

Sales force automation (SFA) software can help you streamline your sales process from pipeline to order processing, allowing orders to be generated with as few steps as possible. This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best; building customer relationships.

Epicor sales management and SFA solutions provide a way for sales teams to manage their opportunities and automate time-consuming administrative tasks, delivering:

  • Better collaboration and coordination between sales, warehouses and plants
  • More efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions
  • A more streamlined quote-to-cash cycle
  • Increased sales productivity and accuracy at the request for quotation (RFP) stage
  • Advanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to reduce lead time around planning and procurement
Sales team in meeting

Epicor sales management solutions help you and your sales team achieve more efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability as a result of automating admin tasks and streamlining processes.