A new Production Management system could be key to growth

Looking for a new production management system? Investing in ERP could be the solution.

With the number of challenges affecting UK business, achieving strong and consistent growth can feel like a distant dream.

However, we strongly believe that growth is out there for businesses willing to put in the hard yards to streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies within the production process.

Investing in a solid and reliable ERP system could be the way to unlock future growth and benefit from low hanging fruit within your business.

Here are just some of the ways that an efficient production management system could be the key to business growth.


Streamline the planning process

It’s hardly surprising that many inefficiencies within the production process occur during the planning phase.

A good ERP system will help you form realistic production, purchasing and supply schedules ahead of time, reducing the number of bumps in the road and ensuring a smooth progression through the production process.

Good planning will allow you to streamline stock-levels and ensure production is working at maximum capacity without being overburdened.


Optimise supply and demand with a production management system

In a world with immense supply chain pressures, those who can line up supply and demand and get them working efficiently are at a significant advantage – and therefore primed for growth over competitors.

Automating your processes with an ERP system is one way of ensuring communication always flows between you and your suppliers effectively. You can schedule reminders to go out to your staff and suppliers when stock levels are low, reducing human error and boosting further efficiencies.


Ensure collaboration within design and engineering

Collaboration between product design and engineering phases can be streamlined by a solid ERP system.

With centralised controls, allowing all stakeholders access to the design phase when needed, you can reduce the need for back-and-forth between departments and speed up steps in the design chain.

With effective security and customisation features, as well as multi-lingual capabilities, you can also collaborate with external partners within your ERP system constraints.


Manage inventory with your production management system

Getting inventory levels right is a big growth factor, as it improves customer service and frees up working capital within the business.

To get inventory levels optimised, you need real-time data analytics at each phase of the production process (transit, warehouse, factory floor and supplier side).

You also need automated processes that allow inventory levels to be replenished before they go beyond a critical threshold.

Thankfully, your production management system will take care of this – putting you on the right track for growth.


Manage product and part traceability

Manufacturers will often have rigorous compliance requirements to meet.

Without a functioning ERP system, it can be close to impossible to meet these critical demands – and even more difficult to grow in the face of tough competition that have the technical ability to meet difficult production standards.

Thankfully, your ERP system offers traceability for all part, from creation to the shelves or your customers, ensuring full compliance at all times.

Full visibility allows you to trace defects and quickly get to the root of any production problems.

Want to learn more about production management systems and ERP software? Get in touch with our consultant team here.


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