5 ways Epicor ERP can bring value to your business

When investing in Epicor ERP, you want to be sure that your new software can deliver real value for your business.

Never fear. We have five ways that implementing Epicor ERP can boost your bottom line and result in tangible improvements for years to come.

Here are some of the key ways Epicor ERP will bring value to your business.


What is Epicor ERP?

For the uninitiated, Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that helps manufacturers manage processes across the business. From finance to inventory, all aspects of the business can be managed centrally through your ERP software, meaning fewer mistakes, more efficient ways of doing things and ultimately, a healthier business in all respects.

With Epicor ERP, you can keep track of data from a centralised source, meaning one source of truth that is easily accessible across the organisation.

Gone are the days when discreet spreadsheets can be used to maintain your business operations. Successful businesses must now work smarter, with a greater focus on accuracy and efficiency than ever before in order to compete in an unforgiving business environment.

Here are just some of the ways your business can benefit.


Share data across your business

One of the biggest strengths of an ERP system is the ability for data to be accessed from all areas of your business.

This means those who need it can receive accurate and timely information, instead of making decisions without up-to-date information to hand.

By choosing ERP software, you can finally move away from cumbersome and unreliable spreadsheets, and move towards automated processes that are accessible to all.


Make finance simple

Accounting tasks are notoriously time consuming. However, with Epicor ERP you can rest assured that automated and accurate data that is help in one place will significantly reduce the staff time invested at month end.

Storing all of your financial information in one place also means full visibility of cashflows that would once have been guesswork.


Boost customer experience

A successful modern business provides a high-quality customer experience. But this is impossible for a business that relies on manual processes and unreliable spreadsheet data that is dispersed across multiple areas of the business.

With Epicor ERP, you can optimise inventory levels and streamline supply chains, leading to faster delivery on orders. You can also provide customers with greater insight on how long order will take and when they can expect the product to arrive.


Improve decision making

So often, businesses are forced to make decisions based on intuition. A modern business should be able to use analytics to move away from guesswork and into the realm of cold, hard facts and greater reliability.

With the data analysis that Epicor ERP affords, your business can act on insights that tell you when parts are low, when excess inventory is tying up working capital on shelves or when orders are expected to be high, giving you time to prepare effectively.


Grow your business

How can your business grow when your processes struggle to deal with current demand levels? By improving your efficiency in the areas that matter, staff can be freed up to help elsewhere and handle the demand of a flourishing business with minimal fuss.

Say goodbye to wasted staff hours and move away from costly manual processes that limit the potential of your business.

Did you find this article useful? These benefits only begin to scratch the surface. Talk to one of our consultants here for a more detailed insight into your business needs.


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