Epicor Data Discovery: Why Choose EDD?

Epicor Data Discovery takes raw data and makes it easier for your end-users to interpret.

Having access to raw data but lacking the expertise or software to make sense of it as a common problem that holds back decision making.

With Epicor Data Discover (EDD), your staff can easily scan for key areas of interest and begin to get a feel for what’s happening in real-time across production.

Its primary function is to take numbers and statistics and put them into an easy to digest format that encourages interaction.

Since EDD is driven by real-time Business Activity Queries (BAQs) in Epicor ERP and other data sources, it complements Epicor Data Analytics (EDA). Because of this, you’re able to visualise short term data and address issues in real-time. Alternatively, you can look at long-term data to build detailed reports and inform strategy going forward.

By distilling your raw information into easy-to-understand columns and numbers, you can begin to intervene in systems that are not working as planned and address challenges before they escalate into full blown crises.

Greater oversight and instant access to decision making will make your business more efficient and more cost-effective in the long run.

Here we take a look at some of the key features of EDD and how it could help support decision making and business processes.


Key Features

  • Compatible with mobile
  • Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) included with Epicor ERP
  • Real-time Epicor ERP operational data
  • Visualizes Epicor IoT data from Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Side-by-side display of EDD views with forms and trackers in Epicor ERP
  • Open Epicor ERP trackers and forms from EDD selected data
  • Connects to canned and custom Epicor ERP Business Activity Queries (BAQs)
  • Epicor Data Discovery Advanced connects to cubes built in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Tied to your Epicor ERP login—EDD Advanced has additional option of Microsoft Single Sign-On for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory


Epicor Data Discovery View

With Data Discovery view, your users can create comprehensive visuals that bring your data to life.

Simply set your filters and then drag and drop measures and dimensions into place to create the necessary graphics (the process is comparable to creating a pivot table in Excel).

Once you’ve done this, you can hone in on the data point or ERP transactional details you’re most interested in.


Ease of Use and Accessibility

Extra care has been given to make Epicor Data Discovery as clean and accessible as possible – particularly since the main objective is bringing end-users crystal clear data interfaces.

For this reason, EDD is built in the new Epicor Kintetic Design System with access through SmartClient, web browsers, tablets, mobile devices and more.

The app is designed to work seamlessly with touch control as well as on desktops, so you should be able to use EDD on the move as well as in the office.

EDD also has the ability to automatically adjust the user experience depending on the device they are using – so you can rest assured that the app will function intuitively whatever device you’re using.

You can even animate resizable data cards when you click on them, this allows you to cycle through multiple values like a stock ticker to provide a live feed of production data.

Data views can be combined into a BI Dashboard with shared dimensions and cross filters and added to Epicor ERP Active Home Page.

Epicor Data Discovery comes with many pre-defined data sources, and you can add your own as well.

These data views can be edited by end-users, with the option of sharing or keeping them private.

EDD can run in a web browser, so it gives a user easy access from just about anywhere and standard licenses are included with your Epicor ERP.


Automatic Data Insights

You can also use widgets to monitor and visualise key data automatically.

This function allows users to gain insight into the production process and routine activities with relative ease.

It also allows users to receive alerts in real-time that relate to the areas that need most urgent attention. In this sense Epicor Data Discovery can even pull out from the mire the most important insights.

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