6 reasons why you should choose Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing

Epicor Kinetic ERP is the latest iteration in Epicor software, designed for manufacturers and with a track record of industry success.

For those working in manufacturing, it is common knowledge that staying ahead of the competition is critical to growth.

One of the key paths to success is through streamlined processes, reducing waste and maximizing resources – and to deliver this you’ll need a robust ERP system to future-proof your business operations.

With this in mind, what are the key features of Epicor Kinetic ERP that will benefit your business.

Supply Chain Management

Anyone who has operated within manufacturing over the last 10 years’ will tell you how fundamental a robust supply chain is to a functioning business.

First Brexit and then the pandemic have placed unparalleled pressures on what were previously solid supply chains.

In order to flourish going forward, Epicor Kinetic ERP provides you with the visibility and flexibility to anticipate and alleviate supply chain pressures.

Now you can track materials and respond to delays quickly and efficiently, with a single-source of truth providing visibility to those who need it most across your business.

Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing: Financials

Epicor Kinetic Financials provides manufacturers with the tools to take the stress out of month end and the peace of mind that errors are minimized, and accuracy is maintained.

Purchase orders are now held centrally and processed automatically while a departure from spreadsheet over-reliance will lift the pressure off your Finance team.

Production Management

Production Management is fundamental feature of any manufacturing focused ERP system.

Epicor Kinetic ERP provides you with the control needed to maximise your production capabilities.

Importantly, the software is versatile enough to handle make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order or make-to-stock needs.

Next you can rely on a comprehensive suite of modules including job management, advanced production and quality assurance.

All of this is setup with your business needs in mind – with functionality made flexible to your unique requirements.

Security and Compliance

It is common for businesses operating within manufacturing to require a system to is industry compliant.

That’s why Epicor Kinetic ERP provides best in class security with advances user roles and cloud-based security with Microsoft Azure.

Also reduce complexity around compliance with Epicor’s traceability, documentation and audit-tracking features.

Epicor Kinetic for Cloud

The primacy of cloud ERP is now undeniable.

Epicor Kinetic provides a secure cloud-based platform that allows you to reduce on-site servers that take up critical floorspace and drain energy supplies.

In moving to cloud, you’ll also reduce the need to for on-site IT – making security and bugs quicker, easier and cheaper to fix.

But don’t worry, if on-prem is the way you want to go, we maintain full on-site functionality. The choice is yours.

Data analytics

The importance of data analytics to modern manufacturing cannot be underestimated.

Clean and accurate data from across the business is key to anticipating challenges and improving your operations to the point that they are optimized correctly.

The Internet of Things now allows you to use data to monitor device health and reduce costly down time.

Data collected from across your departments can be pulled instantly into reports that are easy to read and interpret, meaning decision making is boosted by objective and relevant information at all times.

Did you find this useful? Want to learn more about the benefits of Epicor Kinetic for manufacturing? We’re happy to chat! Just click here to arrange a call.


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