Finding an ERP implementation consulting team need not be a panic move in response to reduced profits.

In fact, one consequence of a thriving business is the tendency for old systems to become obsolete.

While the systems that you relied on might have worked well when the business was in its formative stages, the likelihood of spreadsheets and low-cost CRM solutions coping with rapid business growth and the additional strain on processes is slim.

If your business is really looking to unlock its true potential, you’ll need robust processes that are supported by flexible and reliable software that can handle any challenge.

Unfortunately, selecting the software is only half of the battle – you’ll also need to find an ERP implementation consulting team that can guide you in getting it set up.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a few key areas to keep in mind when selecting your ERP implementation consulting team.


Industry Experience

When it comes to selecting your ERP implementation consulting team, we’ll start with an area that is sometimes overlooked – industry experience.

It’s all well and good finding software that is a good fit for your business, but does the consulting team guiding you through the project have the experience relevant to your organisation to understand your unique challenges and help implement the software accordingly.

Understanding of your unique business challenges can go a long way towards putting appropriate processes in place and minimising disruption to your ongoing operations.

A team with a proven track record of delivering successful projects for similar businesses to your own are more likely to implement your ERP software on time, on budget and with new systems in place that complement your business needs.


Reputation of ERP implementation consultants

It should go without saying but reputation within the industry is an aspect you’ll want to consider when selecting a consulting team.

This will be somewhat limited by the software you select but you should still do your research to find which team has the best reputation.

A group that are known for integrity, organisation and hard work will be worth their weight in gold – the last thing you need is to hand over control to a consulting team that are set on a go-live date without ensuring you are adequately supported to make the project a long term success.



Quality is essential, but we are realistic to know that cost is an important factor in any business decision.

Have a budget for your project and make sure this is properly communicated from the start.

You’ll want a quote that works for you but you’ll also want your potential consulting partner to be able to itemise and justify the costs.

In many ways it is safer to choose an ERP consulting team that are clear on costs and confident in justifying it than to select a team that are opaque in their pricing.



An ERP project is all about improving business processes, and similarly, you’ll want reassurance that the partner you select has the internal processes in place to deliver on a demanding project that has multiple stakeholders and significant budget attached to it.

Make sure the team you pick is committed to timelines, budgets and good communication, with a clear pathway to completion communicated from the start.



Finally, it is important to remember that any ERP project is a significant undertaking with the need for balanced and firm decision making throughout.

With this in mind, select an ERP implementation partner that isn’t afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear. A good consulting team should demonstrate leadership and tell you how it is – don’t be afraid if you consultants argue their case and stick to their guns on occasion (it’s usually because they are trying to help you avoid pitfalls that other businesses have made in the past!)

Did you find this useful? If so, the CBO consulting team are at-hand to show that they mean what they say. Get in touch here for a no-obligation chat and get the ball rolling on your ERP project.

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