Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions to boost profitability and streamline processes

New ways are becoming possible to increase profitability and streamline processes with Industry 4.0 in manufacturing.

Much of this is down to technological change that helps businesses harvest data, share information across departments and make incremental changes to the way they do things.

Of course, businesses have been trying to improve in this way for decades, but it is only with recent tech developments that they have been able to unlock their business potential more fully.

Here are just some of the ways that Industry 4.0 is helping to boost profitability and streamline processes in the world of manufacturing.


Defining ERP

For the uninitiated, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a process that businesses used to integrate different parts of their organisation.

In simple terms, ERP software helps a business share information across departments so that processes run smoothly and the wider organisation benefits.

Industry 4.0 and unlocking the Internet of Things

Simply getting your business online is no longer enough when it comes to improving your business processes.

Now businesses are seeking to use machines to create a communication network that produces data that improves their operations.

By linking their manufacturing devices to the internet, businesses are benefiting from reductions in waste and automatic updates on all things, from stock levels to machine health-checks.

Rather than relying on human interaction to notice machine down time and changes to production, now reports can be generated in real-time that offer important insights to the people that matter.

By linking more of your devices to the internet, you can benefit in a similar way from the improved reporting, data insights and automatic updates that others have been accessing for years.


Industry 4.0 and cloud

If you’re looking to benefit from the masses of data that can be generated from linking devices to the internet, you may wish to invest in a cloud-based system to support it.

The great benefit of moving your operations to the cloud is the ability to unlock the power of increased server size without the need for additional space on-site.

Moving to the cloud also means businesses without a dedicated IT department can still access a best in-class ERP system. This is because support is typically offered by an external team, reducing cost and the additional administrative strain of a large IT team.


Going mobile with Industry 4.0

Since the COVID pandemic kicked of in 2020, more and more employees have been asked to do jobs from home that were previously considered impossible.

Technology has helped many businesses cope with the need for remote working but Industry 4.0 is able to benefit manufacturing in ways that are only now becoming clear.

Now it is no longer enough to be able to check emails from home or to access servers remotely.

Instead, Industry 4.0 is facilitating a mobile way of working that is streamlining processes and boosting profits.

Industrial-powered, hand-held tablets are now making it possible to walk the production line and see data that is being generated in real-time.

The improved power of Mobile ERP applications are now allowing staff to access and share detailed information from anywhere in the world: including the office, on holiday and the production line.

Now work is no longer limited by the location of staff – tasks can be carried out from any place and at any time.


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