Streamline the supply chain process with Epicor Kinetic ERP

Looking to streamline your supply chain process?

Supply Chain Management involves the management of a business’ materials from the point of origin to the point that it arrives with the customer.

Between the stages, there will be numerous opportunities to reduce costs, make the management of goods more efficient and improve lead times. However, while the benefits of better supply chain management to manufacturers is highly sought after, many businesses are continuously battling to improve without meaningful returns.

This is where Epicor Kinetic ERP can help. Here are a few areas where ERP can provide more streamlined supply chains for your business.


‍Better visibility for your supply chain process

When you consider that most manufacturers will work with numerous suppliers in order to acquire many different parts for their products, the ability to see all phases of the supply chain at once and anticipate challenges becomes increasingly important.

With Epicor Kinetic ERP, a manufacturer can move away from picking up the phone to another department and can instead benefit from automated software that allows anyone within the business to see the precise stage of each item in the chain.

In doing so, you can quickly identify problems and set about resolving them for customers. You will also save time and effort that was previously expended on gaining insights into the location of parts within the supply chain.

More streamlined inventory management

Your Epicor Kinetic ERP system also helps your business streamline its inventory management processes.

By providing you with software that can accurately itemise and track your inventory automatically, your team can rest assured that your stock levels at accurate and fully accounted for.

The ability to generate data can inform your decision making, allowing you to optimise your inventory levels so capital is not tied up on shelves in the form of unused stock but can be invested in the business itself and its staff.


Streamlined procurement

One of the key challenges for many manufacturers is the procurement of goods.

Some businesses will regularly make orders for items that have long-lead times or before the items have even been fully designed.

Thankfully, Epicor Kinetic ERP makes it possible for some of these challenges to be handled automatically, such as communicating with vendors and tracking each phase of the procurement process, relieving the pressure on the relevant departments and communicating each stage of this process to the wider business in a timely manner.


Better decisions from detailed reporting

If you’re currently running manual reports, you’ll be familiar with the time-intensive nature of generating these regularly. The time it takes to gather data and express it in a digestible format makes this a daunting undertaking.

Thankfully, your Epicor Kinetic ERP system will remove the burden from reporting, allowing you to generate all of your reports automatically and accurately – with only the essential information collected so your staff can gain insights into the most essential of your business operations.

With better reporting comes better performance, as you put those additional insights to use.

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